Winter Snow Toys Kit


Winter Snow Toys Kit
Winter Snow Toys Kit

With Winter Snow Toys Kit make your winter more fun with your kids by creating a little snow buddies snowman, snowballs, and snow penguin.

Winter Snow Toys Kit


  • This fun toy is not only for snow in winter but also your kids can play with it in the sand, which makes it an ideal gift for Christmas and birthdays or others.
  • Our product is made with a high-quality and impacts tough material which makes it very practical and not harmful for you kids, also durable and tough than the other snow toys.
  • you can play with it on the beach with the sand and also with snow in the winter which makes it multi-functional.
  • Add some fun to your winter with these snowball maker tools and let your kids get good times in the snow.

Winter Snow Toys Kit

Package included:


Penguin kits
Heart kits
Duck kits

Note: The penguin color will be chosen at random.

Winter Snow Toys Kit

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