Heating Massage Scarf


Heating Massage Scarf
Heating Massage Scarf

With Heating Massage Scarf gets extreme comfort, it can relieve fatigue and discomfort also care for important parts of the cervical spine.

Heating Massage Scarf

THERAPEUTIC HEALING: This magical scarf use a heating massage that will offer you comfort and pain relief within the neck.

Heating Massage Scarf

STRAIGHTFORWARD SWITCHES: in this effective scarf you have multiple choices on which heating speed you want which 3, also 4-speed massage mode and vibration massage.

Heating Massage Scarf


  • USB output voltage: 5V.
  • Product power: 6W.
  • Heating mode: low temperature 35℃/medium temperature 45℃/high temperature 55℃.
  • Massage mode:
  • Gentle gear: continuous vibration + intermittent vibration massage.
  • Comfortable gear: vibration 2.5S + pause 0.5S massage.
  • Strengthen the gear: continuous vibration + intermittent vibration massage.
  • Powerful gear: intermittent vibration massage.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Scarf and USB


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