Halloween Articulated Finger


Halloween Articulated Finger
Halloween Articulated Finger

This Halloween Articulated Finger is here to finish your ideal Halloween outfit!

Halloween Articulated Finger


It is built with a complex system that duplicates the movement of your hand and doesn’t restrict its developments. Permitting you to utilize it easily and control maybe it’s your genuine fingers. Which will certainly make a reasonable and wonderful touch to your each cosplay. Ideal for Halloween, stage plays, celebrations, parties, etc!

Halloween Articulated Finger


It has the perfect measure of thickness and extents that can fit and match all hand sizes! Basically embed it through your finger and change the Velcro wrist lash so it will not tumble off in any event, when you utilize additional developments. Furthermore? It likewise can be utilized as improving props to your entryways, doors, dividers, windows, tables or even in spooky places, bars, etc!

Halloween Articulated Finger FEATURES:

  • Articulated 3D Finger

This fun and dreadful practical verbalized fingers will unquestionably astonish everybody! It highlights unpredictable joint developments with quality 3D print plan. Ideal for Halloween, cosplay, theaters, celebrations, gatherings, stunt or treats and more conceivable outcomes! You would now be able to drench yourself in pretending your #1 dream or abhorrent person with an additional style.


  • Completely Flexible Joints

Made of lightweight materials with a staggering instrument that is joined by pinion wheels and linkages to duplicate the development of your hand. Permitting you to move uninhibitedly and easily so you can handle it like it is your own fingers.


  • Simple to Wear

Planned with a simple to put on and take off wrist Velcro lash so it doesn’t fall through your hands. Basically embed your fingers through the 3D expansions, change the Velcro to your ideal snugness and done!

  • Fits All Finger Sizes

The 3D expansion has the perfect measure of thickness and extents that can fit and match all finger sizes!


  • EXTENSIVE Application 

Not exclusively would it be able to be worn for outfits, you can likewise utilize it as embellishing props! An ideal bubbly touch that you can add to your entryways, doors, dividers, windows, tables, scary places, bars, etc! Giving you the unpleasant environment that will intrigue your companions and outsiders the same!

Halloween Articulated Finger


  • High quality Material

Built with superior grade, non-harmful material that is conservative and strong. It has an adaptable pivot and joints that can be moved easily and easily without the need of different backings. Making it the best 3D verbalized finger augmentation that is protected to utilize and enduring.

Halloween Articulated Finger SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Material: Latex
  • Height of Finger: 23 cm
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